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5 Moments | Christmas Together 

Christmas Together is a Holiday collaboration between 5 CT Producers/Musicians. It 

came about after David Davis asked 4 other producer friends of his if they would be 

interested in doing a project as a collective. Individuals would submit one song and 

everyone would collaborate on a song together. It was decided to do a song that had a 

90's New Jack Swing type of a sound. Everyone involved have been greatly inspired over 

the years by that era of music. 

The 5 producers/writers/musicians are David Davis (saxophones), Rahsaan Langley 

(Vocals), Wayne Brown (Keys), Lawrence White (Bass) and Nate Barnes (drums). When 

asked if they would be apart of it, it was assumed to be as just producers but it turned 

out that it was sort of putting together a full band because of what everyone actually 

played. That was an extra bonus. 

The EP has five songs which include; "Oh Come, Oh Come Emanuel" by David Davis

"Snowed In With You” by Lawrence White, "Angels We Have Heard On High" by Wayne 

Brown, “Holidays With You” by Rahsaan and "Christmas Together” is the song that was 

co-written and arranged by everyone. 

The Holiday EP is a mixture of Reggae, New Jack Swing, R&B and Pop. The different 

style that everyone brings to the table is a great mixture of flavors that come together as 

a very tasteful Holiday “musical meal".