Remembering Aaliyah: CD
  • Remembering Aaliyah: CD

Remembering Aaliyah: CD

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In his 10th full-length album, independent artist and producer David Davis offers his most explosive collaborative work as an extraordinary musician and producer yet - “Remembering Aaliyah” - His latest solo recording project as an artist and producer. His eclectic style in arrangements range from Smooth Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, Fusion and R&B. Although David has a very unique sound of his own, some of his notable influences are Jackie Mclean, Kenny Garrett, Gerald Albright, Kirk Whalum and Najee.

A tribute project 10 years in the making; I believe and know the world is NOW ready for this project and it has been taken off the shelf to complete. I have always loved the music and voice of Aaliyah. She had a magnetic and enigmatic energy about her. She was compared to being the modern day Donna Summers. It has been technically engineered to literally make you feel good (tuned to 444hz vs 440hz). Each song is featuring an incredible singer and/or musician. You will not be disappointed!

“I have always desired to create a project such as this. As a saxophonist and producer, I wanted to not just rerecord Aaliyah’s music but to arrange them using different styles while keeping the integrity of the original composition.” The mission or purpose of this recording is to emanate Love, Healing and good vibrations in the world. You will walk away feeling positive and resonating with the intentions that created the music.

The Album is scheduled to be released June 20th 2020. There will be a promotional push at live events and tours this year, as well as a strong presence online with youtube video, Live-streaming, social media and reviews.

“David Davis is an outstanding Saxophonist who brings the house down with his warm sensuous sounds” -Sherry Winston/Flying Flute Records.

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