David Davis

Take a Listen

The Prayer Hum

by David Davis

Released 2012
3d Dynasty LLC
Released 2012
3d Dynasty LLC
This song is in the style of Doctor Dre, LL Cool J, Common and Queen Latifah. It is a celebration of our dads "Prayer Hum" that we all have come to love and recognize through the years. Performed by; David, Katrina, Tanya, Mark and Timothy Davis
Dear friends,
If you know my husband, Bobby, like we know him, then you've heard his spiritual hum. That deep resounding melody you can hear echoing through the ceilings and walls.
It's a surprise to see him hold onto his unique hum after all these years. This is why we feel it's our honor to express how much we care.
As his family, we are still unsure what the hum truly means. Only he knows or can explain it.
But we put together a little "something-something" to show that we definitely don't take him, his love or his hum for "granted".
We hope you enjoy listening and bopping to the song just as much as we did creating it!

With love,

His wife, Christine and loving children